Tom Carter

I have endured 20 years on this earth and i have learnt one important thing. If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.

Despite my intense love food and drink; chinese, indian, american, mexican european. I'm still not overweight :P

My music taste is more far reaching than simon cowell's ego specifically 90's 00's punk rock, a good bit of eurodance is my second love, a great euro holiday will do that to you :P

Completely amazing to know unless you really piss me off.

My mates are the best :)  UK





Only at West Point will you walk into class and have a rack of 16th-18th century weapons sitting in your classroom. Muskets, pikes, sabers, crossbows, longbows. The whole 9 yards.

those are weird ways to describe women’s breasts 


A Drop Of Power Makes Hydrogen Fuel From Water



by Michael Keller

Scientists have made a breakthrough in generating hydrogen gas fuel by splitting water with small amounts of electricity.

Stanford University researchers report that they have disassembled water molecules into gaseous hydrogen and oxygen with the…

this is depressingly funny to read